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Governing Body

Parent Governor Vacancy - NO VACANCIES AT PRESENT

I am writing to inform you that there are two vacancies on our school’s Governing Body for a parent governors. We are seeking nominations for parents interested in taking up this role. Parent governors are elected by the parents or carers of children attending the school. All parents or carers of children attending the school are entitled to propose or second candidates and vote.

Nomination papers for this purpose and relevant notes can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. If you would like a paper copy of these documents, then please contact school reception. New governors will be the subject of a vetting procedure before confirmation of their appointment.

The completed nomination papers must be returned to St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School, marked ‘Parent Governor’ by: N/A

If a ballot is necessary, it will be by “postal” ballot and your child will be asked to deliver and return your voting (ballot) paper. One ballot paper per parent or carer is allowed, irrespective of how many of your children attend the school. Ballot papers must be returned in sealed envelopes to the school no later than N/A which will be the 'date of the election' if necessary.

Being a governor can be very enjoyable and worthwhile. More information is given in the notes on the website, and you are advised to read them carefully before taking part in the election.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in this important process. If you have any queries regarding this election, please contact me at the school.

Yours sincerely,

Priscilla Crane
Executive Headteacher

CMAT Code of Conduct Policy

The Role of the School Governor



Governor Attendance

We have an extremely dedicated and committed governing body who work tirelessly for the benefit of all within the school community.  Each governor has their own individual role and responsibility which they fulfill in many different ways.  Each class has a governor buddy who regularly visits school to support the children in their learning.

The role of the Governors and attendance

Governors are the school’s critical friends. We work closely with the Headteacher and the staff, providing support and challenge to ensure the best possible education for every child in our school. We have three key roles:

1. Setting a clear vision and ethos for the school, and providing strategic direction;

2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, the attainment of our pupils, and the performance management of our staff; and,

3. Overseeing the school’s financial arrangements, and making sure its money is well spent.

We are also responsible for the wide range of policies that every school must have in place. Our own behaviour is governed by a Code of Conduct which you can see here .

We meet as a Full Governing Body four times per year. The attendance of all governors can be viewed in the document above entitled Governor Attendance. You are welcome to view minutes of our recent meetings which are available in the school office.


We work through a system of committees, which meet regularly and report back to Full Governing Body meetings. These committees are:

Standards Committee which reviews the school curriculum, the quality of teaching and assessment, tracks and sets targets for attainment across the school, and ensures that the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum.  This committee also ensures that the Catholic distinctiveness of the school is maintained and enhanced. In addition, this committee focuses on the well-being, behaviour and safety of our children, and communication with our parents and the wider community.

Strategy Committee which ensures that the school’s finances and resources are managed effectively in line with the school’s priorities, and reviews the school’s budget and financial procedures and controls.  In addition, this committee reviews the school’s work, and use of external funding (including Pupil Premium funding), to meet the needs of disadvantaged pupils, the most able, lower-attaining pupils, and those with a Special Educational Need.  Finally, this committee deals with staff appointment, pay and professional development, and addresses any personnel issues.

Link roles

Each governor is also linked to a class in the school and visit these classes regularly to gather a broader perspective of how children learn in our school and help children develop a deeper knowledge of the role of school governors.

Visiting the school and keeping informed

Our governors also hold special link roles, working closely with the school on particular areas, such as safeguarding or equality issues.  Each governor will carry our a monitoring visit, usually termly and meet with the school leader responsible for standards and improvement in that specific area.

Governor Learning Visits

Each term, the governors hold a monitoring day which allows them to collectively focus on one specific aspect of the school, such as behaviour or children's independent learning skills, and gather information about the effectiveness of the school in this area.  Their conclusions are used to review school improvements and challenge school leaders regarding the next steps that need to be taken for further improvement.

We also stay up to date by accessing information, advice and training on issues that we feel we need to know more about. Some of our members also attend meetings for local governors held by the Diocese of East Anglia or the Local Authority (Norfolk County Council), which help us to keep informed and allow us to learn what governors in other schools are doing.

Governing Body

The Local Governing Body for St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary school is made up of volunteers who bring a broad range of skill sets to help oversee the leadership and management of the school.  The composition of the LGB is made up of:

  • Foundation governors – who are appointed by either the Diocese or the local church.
  • Parent governors – who are elected by the parents to be representative of the parent body.
  • Staff governors – who include the head, teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Local education authority (LEA) governors – who are appointed by the local authority that maintains the school.
  • Associate members – who are not governors, but can be appointed by the governing body to serve on one or more governing body committees, and attend full governing body meetings.
The current Governing Body is made up of the following individuals who give up their time on a voluntary basis:


Name Date of appointment Term of Office & date stepped down

(if applicable)

Appointed by Register of interests LGB Roles & Committee membership
Mrs Judith Daniels

Foundation Governor

Judith Daniels - profile

01/01/15 4 years Diocese of East Anglia No interests Link Governor for English

Standards Committee

Mrs Maureen Dunhill

Foundation Governor

Maureen Dunhill Governor Profile

01/01/15 4 years Diocese of East Anglia No interests  

Vice Chair of Governors

Link Governor for Inclusion & SEND

Standards Committee

Mr John Harris

Foundation Governor

John Harris - profile

01/11/14 4 years Diocese of East Anglia Chair of Governors at the Federation of the Waveney Valley Schools, Suffolk CHAIR OF GOVERNORS

Link Governor for Pupil Premium

Link Governor for Safeguarding

Strategy Committee

Mr Pieter Booyens

Foundation Governor

 01/01/16 4 years Diocese of East Anglia  No interests Link Governor for Finance

Strategy Committee

Mr Simon Gilbert-Barnham

Parent Governor

S Gilbert-Barnham - profile

11/11/19 4 years Elected by the parents of the school Principal Governor of Ormiston Venture Academy Link Governor for Mathematics

Strategy Committee


Miss Danielle Melton

Staff Governor

01 / 09 / 19 4 years Staff  No interests Standards Committee
Mrs Priscilla Crane  


 N/a  Executive Headteacher Child at NDHS N/A
Mrs Jade Block 01/09/2019 N/a Head of School No interests N/A
Fr Anthony Nwankwo

Foundation Governor

01/04/2018 4 years Diocese of East Anglia  No interests Standards Committee
Mr Marten Payne

Co-opted Governor

01/09/2019 4  years Governing Body Acting Managing Director of Go Geronimo Standards Committee

Link Governor for Curriculum and Artsmark

Mrs Jamielea Polidano

Foundation Governor

01/09/2019 4 years Diocese of East Anglia No interests Strategy Committee

Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Head of School:
Mrs Jade Block

Mrs Michelle Unstead

01493 445 117



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