St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School


We have a large range of school and MAT policies to ensure that school life runs smoothly and safely for all who are part of our community.  Below you will find some of our key policies to download or a link to St John the Baptist Catholic MAT website.

Please find a link to our updated Risk Assessment for February 2022 here.


Acceptable Use Policy - including the online safety policy Online Safety Policy Addendum July 2020

Accessibility Policy and Plan 2021-24

Admission Policy for 2021 to 2022

Admission Policy for 2022 to 2023 

Allegations of Abuse against Staff Policy

Behaviour-Policy updated March 2022 (003)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints Policy

Data Protection Policy

Dignity at Work Policy

Discipline Procedure (All Employees)

Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy

Equality duty and objectives 2019-2023

Equality and Diversity Policy MAT

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Freedom of Information publication scheme

Grievance Policy and Procedures

Health and Safety Policy

Holidays in Term Time Policy

I have something I would like to discuss with the school

Intimate Care Policy

LAC-Policy 2021 - 2022

Learning Beyond the Classroom Policy - Educational Visits

SMSP Teaching and Learning Framework

MAT Teaching and Learning model

No Smoking Policy

Nursery Charging Policy

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

PREVENT Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Public Sector Equality Duty MAT

RE & Collective Worship Policy

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests Policy

Remote Education Policy

Remote Learning Strategy 2021-2022

Risk Assessment Policy

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Policy


Safer Recruitment Policy

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report

Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy 2019_2022

Whistleblowing Policy

Should you require a policy that is not here, or you require a hard copy of one of your policies, please contact us.



Head of School:
Mrs A. Goddard

Executive Headteacher:
Mrs H. Armstrong

Miss F. Ridgwell

01493 445 117



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