St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School


In reception class we do many activities that help to build up the children’s gross and fine motor skills.  These include supporting the development of the children’s running, jumping and throwing. Alongside these we also offer the children opportunities to build their finger and hand muscles with activities such as such as using tweezers to pick up small objects, pegging items onto a washing line, threading beads and art activities using a range of mark making materials.  These are all activities that will support your child with developing the muscle control they will need to form letters.

We teach the children the correct formation of each letter as they learn the sound it makes.  Below is the handwriting style that we use.


The following resources can be printed out to support your child with the formation of their letters

cursive-font—dotted-instructions-a-to-z (1)

cursive-font—on-lines-a-to-z (1)

cursive-font—blocked-a-to-z (1)



Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Head of School:
Mrs Jade Block

Mrs Michelle Unstead

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