St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Dragon Week – September 2015

All of our children had a great first week back to school this term as we explored the world of dragons.  This was because we were inspired by the GoGo Dragons exhibition in Norwich.  We had lots of fun completing our very own dragon trail at school but as we were exploring we discovered that a dragon had built a nest near our school pond!


It was a set of footprints found in some mud that helped us find the nest.  The dragon had built the nest in amongst the trees near the back of the pond garden.  We knew it was a nest because it was lined with straw, it had a collection of shiny objects (that the dragon had obviously stolen because dragons love shiny things) and it had even left some its left over food bones behind! YEUCK!


The best bit was discovering that the dragon had laid four eggs in the nest.  It was curious because each egg was slightly different but they were all very beautiful.


Our dragon inspired work is up on display in our school library and includes our art work, our 3D dragon models and some of our writing.  Come and take a look when you next visit us.  Mr Colella (Miss Colella’s Dad) made us a dragon’s head and it now has pride of place in our library.



Y2 also had a Reading Dragon arrive in their classroom.  Mr Rebecca brought the egg in to school (he acquired it during the summer holiday – we don’t know how!) and after a few days the egg hatched and revealed the most stunning Reading Dragon.  It is living in Y2 in their class library and they have named him Hamish.



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