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Food Tasting- Tuesday 16th May 2023

This half term the children have been learning where fruits and vegetables grow, both location (tree, plant or ground) and country, due to their demanding climate. The children enjoyed tasting different fruits and using a globe, learnt which countries the fruits first originated from.

Mary Month of May- Monday 15th May 2023

This month the children have been learning about Mary, Mother of God. After a class discussion about how Mary was blessed with Jesus and the significant role that she played, the children made a selection of flowers and photo frames to present to Mary, the Queen of May. As a class, the children gave their gifts to Mary during a mini procession and used the flower wreath as a crown to place on Her statue.


Growing- Monday 17th April 2023

This half term the children are learning all about plants. The children have been exploring the parts of a plant and have been making their own observational drawings and paintings of flowers. The children have helped to prepare the flower beds for planting and have already planted strawberries, lavender, chives, mint, sunflowers and wild seeds.

Easter- Monday 20th March 2023

This half term the children have been learning all about the Easter story, beginning with Jesus's Crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. The children have been re-telling the story through drama, role play and arts.


People Who Help Us- Monday 6th March 2023

This half term, the children have been learning about 'Heroes' both fictional and real. We were very grateful to receive a visit from the Community Dental Team and the Fire Service who explained their job role to the children. The children were very active in asking questions and enjoyed  getting involved with firing the hose and trying on the Fire Fighter's clothing. The children have also learnt about the role of other Emergency Services including the Police, RNLI and Paramedics.


Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday- Tuesday 21st February 2023

Reception class celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes in school. First the children watched the story 'Pancakes Pancakes' by Eric Carle, followed by ordering the pictures from the story to make instructions on how to make a pancake. The children thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating them! Reception then joined in with the whole school Mass service, led by Father Alex, who explained why we celebrate Ash Wednesday. The children each had the sign of the cross marked on their heads in ashes.


Winter-  Monday 9th January 2023

This half term the children are learning all about the season 'Winter'. The children have enjoyed using small world figures in ice play, to recreate their own fictional stories. The children have learnt about animals that need to hibernate during the Winter and have compared these to Polar Bears that live in the Arctic. The children were fascinated to hear how Polar Bears can keep themselves warm in such a cold climate.


Diwali-  Friday 25th November 2022

This week the children have been learning about the Hindu religion of Hinduism. The children learnt that the festival 'Diwali' is a celebration of light. After learning the story of Rama and Sita, the children made their own Diva lamps to resemble the light that guided Rama and Sita home. The children explored more of the Hindu culture by making Mehndi hand designs and using loose parts and art materials, made beautiful and bright Rangoli patterns.


Remembrance Day-  Friday 11th November 2022

This week the children have been learning about why we celebrate Remembrance day and how we recognise this time by wearing poppies. After learning that poppies grow in Flander's field to mark the place where Soldier's battled, the children used oil crayons to make their own pictures. The children were given the opportunity to share a prayer to God, thanking the Soldiers for fought so bravely.


Phonics and Word Writing-  Friday 4th November 2022

We are thrilled with how well the children are quickly learning their phonic sounds using the Read Write Inc phonics scheme. The children have been applying their phonic knowledge when segmenting the sounds in CVC words. Take a look at their amazing work so far!


Autumn-  Friday 14th October 2022

This half term the children have been learning all about the season Autumn. The children have been exploring the changes Autumn has on the outside world and have learnt how some animals like squirrels begin to store food in burrows ready for the colder weather. The children learnt how some animals like bears and hedgehogs begin to hibernate as the weather gets colder. The children demonstrated their understanding of Autumn through paintings, leaf rubbings and whole class discussions.

Self-Portraits- Friday 16th September 2022

This week in Art the children have been making their own self-portraits. Using mirrors, the children began by looking at the

features on their faces, discussing the similarities and differences they have between themselves and others. Using charcoal

the children carefully drew each feature on their face, whilst referring back to the mirror to check they had positioned them correctly.


Baptising a Baby-  Friday 25th June 2022

In R.E the children have been learning about Church life and why Sunday's are an important day. After exploring the different events that take place in a Church, the children learnt about Baptism...

"We join the family of the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. At Baptism we receive the Holy Spirit and become brothers and sisters in Jesus. We live with the risen Jesus, i.e. the life of his grace. So we can call God our Father".

Using a small world baby, Holy water and oil, the children practiced baptising a baby.

Observational Drawings and Paintings- Monday 20th June 2022

In Art, the children have been looking at observational drawings and paintings. The children enjoyed making their on pictures linked to our topic theme of 'Animals and Insects', particularly focusing on colour, texture and pattern. We are really pleased with their work!



Caterpillars- Monday 6th June 2022

After learning about life cycles, Reception have enjoyed watching the Life cycle (Metamorphosis) of Caterpillars. Ask your child to share some butterfly facts with you. The children are still waiting patiently for the butterflies to emerge from their chrysalis.



Africa Alive- Wednesday 25th May 2022

Reception had a fantastic day, visiting many animals at the Zoo.




CAFOD - Walk Against Hunger - Friday 18th March 2022

Our children today walked the perimeter of our school play field to help raise money for CAFOD for Walk Against Hunger.


World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2022


























Children In Need - Friday 19th November 2021 & a visit from the priest to learn about baptism

Judaism Day - Tuesday 12th October 2021

Yellow Day & Harvest Festival - Friday 8th October 2021

The children enjoyed the day and The Salvation Army were very grateful for all our Harvest Festival donations which will help other people in our community.


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