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Our Vision for Mathematics

At St Mary and St Peter, we want all children to love Maths so that they develop positive attitudes towards maths and are confident and independent in using mathematics daily – in or out of school!  We want them not to think of maths as a separate skill or subject but instead, to think of it is part of their daily language for communication – to help them explain their understanding of the world around them and the context they are living in.

We know that Maths can be an area that many children and adults feel less confident in.  Teachers support children to identify that success is a result of long-term effort that is applied to finely pitched challenges. Along the way there will be smaller stepping-stones of success gained from tackling the range of challenges they are set. When children persevere and are resilient to making mistakes, their learning develops to become deep-rooted so that they have full confidence in what they have learnt and can re-use that learning in the future.

The National Curriculum

In the new National Curriculum (September 2014), there are three Aims central to everything within the Mathematics:

  • Reasoning – following a line of enquiry, conjecturing ideas, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language;
  • Fluency – being able to make connections and use what they know to find out what they don’t know, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding;
  • Problem solving – applying their skills to a variety of problems, breaking them down into smaller steps in order to solve them.

Everything we do in Maths is designed to achieve these aims. Every Maths lesson should be a problem solving lesson!

Every child is given opportunities to develop their mathematical powers.  Specifically these are:

  • Imagine and Express – to picture something inside their head and describe it to others;
  • Conjecture and convince – to suggest an idea and then try to prove that it is right;
  • Specialise and generalise – to solve problems individually and also to spot patterns and make general rules;
  • Organise and classify – to be able to take a collection of data or shapes and sort it out into an order or into groups that are the same.

At St Mary and St Peter we have developed this idea and use Math Monkeys that relate to these powers to support the children’s learning.

IX discussion mat

Super Sort Discussion Mat

The General Discussion Mat

Captain CC Discussion Mat

These mathematical powers are integrated into…/ 8 Super Hero Learning Powers that we use across the school.  We are ALL born with mathematical powers, the more you practice using them the stronger they become!


Place Value and Number

How do we teach children to be fluent in place value and number so that they can reason and solve problems?


Our Calculation Policy is used to help children deepen their understanding of how number works.  We are working with the children to up date how we present the policy to make it easier for you and them to understand.   Please be patient with us if your class is not up yet it will be soon!

Year 1 Add  Year 1 Subtract  Year 1 Multiply

Year 2 Add  Y2 Subtract  Year 2 Multiply  Y2 Divide

Year 3 Add Year 3 Subtract Year 3 Multiply  Year 3 Divide

Year 4 Add  Year 4 Subtract  Year 4 Multiply  Year 4 Divide

Year 5 Add Year 5 Subtract Year 5 Multiply  Year 5 Divide

Learning Times Tables


Times Tables Support from Oxford



Mathematical Websites

Sites for Parents

We are always happy to talk about your child’s mathematical learning and if you have any specific concerns please do organise to come in for a chat.

Parent-Handout-vF-1  This document offers you some general advise on how to support your child with mathematics.

Here are some sites that have some general advice on supporting your child, while having fun with mathematics.

image001  Click on the image for top tips and ideas on how to have fun with children using numbers at home, helping you with ideas of how to put maths into everyday games and activities.





Click on the image for ideas to get the whole family involved in maths

Click on the Owl for top tips and advice on how to support your child in becoming a confident mathematician.


Count On Click on the title to support your child in having fun with mathematics.

Mad4maths Click on the title for advice on  maths activities to do at home with your child.

Maths4us  Click on the title for ideas on exploring shape and measure with your child at home.

Youcubed Click on title for lots of ideas on helping your child to think positively about maths.

Four boosting maths messages  Click here to help your child boost their mathematical skills



Sites for pupils

One of our favourite maths site is “Sumdog”.  The children for Year One to Year Six all have user names and passwords for this site and the school takes part in regional competitions using this site.

We have have recently purchased the full version of this site for mathematics so that the children in Year One through to six can access all of the games and activities.  If you would like to know more click on the link below.


In the Norfolk Sumdog contest 16-23 June we again achieved a certificate of merit for our Year One class.  Previously in the competition on 20-26th November we had 25 students who completed 1000 questions! With the pupils in year 5 who came 12 th in the county. We also took part in the contest on 18-24th March, where Year One got the highest average score on one of the contest days and earned a certificate.

June 2016 Sumdog Certificate

sumdog certificate

You can continue enjoying the site and improving your maths skills anytime.

   click on the Sumdog icon to access the site.


wild  Wild Maths is a brilliant site that gives children the opportunity to explore maths in fun and exciting ways.  There are lots of opportunities to conjecture and convince about the problems that presented on the site.  Either click on the logo or if you want to try their most popular game click here . See if you can beat the computer!  How did you do it? What was your strategy?  Here is the letter we sent to parents explaining what this website is about wild-maths-letter..

Key Instant Recall of Facts  (KIRF’s) This site can be used for practicing number bond / multiplication… from Reception up to Year Six, you choose your own level of difficulty

Thinking blocks Supports children in solving word problems using bars (or blocks) to represent the problem pictorially. These can also be downloaded as apps for iPads.

Brainbashers Some Challenging problems to try to solve.

Learning Tables  Choose a times table to practice and away you go!

Test your Times tables Knowledge A quick and easy way to practice and improve your times tables knowledge

Week of inspirational Maths Want to watch the videos or try the activities again, from our week of inspirational maths, you can do so via this website.

Pupil Voice

In October we conducted a Pupil Voice Survey on Mathematics. One of the questions we asked was:

On most days how do you feel about your mathematics lessons?

Most of the pupils responded very positively. Here are some of their answers.

“Confident and happy and ready to be challenged”   Luna

“Good and excited, because I love Maths.” Mason

“Very Good indeed” Ronnie

“Fantastic” Natalia

“I think they are good and always challenging me” Olivia

“I feel Confident” Kuba

“Proud of myself” Lucy

“I love Maths lessons because my learning improves.” Grace

“I feel really good and Maths at St Mary and St Peter is the best.” Raidon

“I feel confident to try my best on it.” Harvey

Mathematics Events

Launch of Third Space Learning January 2017

We have teamed up with Third Space to provide some extra one to one mathematics for some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils.  IF you want to know a bit more about how it works, here is a link to their website

Third Space Learning

Year 2 Puzzle Cafe 8.12.16

An amazing number of parents/carers  joined their children in a Puzzle Cafe today.  Where the children get to make their own 100 bead string to take home.  WE had to be really accurate counting to 10 and then making the right number of lots of 10 to make up to 100 beads on each string.  Every child in the class has made a string to take home.  I wonder how many beads we used?

Find out how we use 100 bead strings here!


Year 2 Visitors said:

“Fab time spent with the kids as always.”

“It was lovely, as always, to see how many ways we can help in the home teaching maths.  Thank you so much.”

“It was lovely seeing my grandchild with her class. Such a friendly atmosphere. Thank you.”

“Thank you. Nice to see the children working together and helping each other. Lovely time.”

Nursery Stay and Play – Numicon 29.11.16

A fantastic hour of mathematical learning took place this morning in Nursery when we were joined by our parents to learn all about number.  The children explored a variety of activities that supported them in developing number concepts. Parents also had a chance to see some of the approaches that we use to help the children learn, including Numicon.  There was also an opportunity to buy Numicon sets that could be taken home to practice with.  Parents said:

Lots of great activities and ideas to help assist at home with learning.

Thank you again for another lovely session. It was well planned and executed.  It is great to be involved with our child’s learning.

Had lots of fun at Stay and Play. Lots of fun activities. Great to see what my child is learning at nursery!

Here are some of the activities that we offered:

Here are some of the resources we used to support the number songs that we sing with the children.

Year 3 and  Year 4 Puzzle Cafe -28.11.16

A lovely afternoon was had by all who attended this event.  Children and parents explored various problem solving activities.  Parents had the opportunity to find out how their children learn to solve problems at our school.

The parents who attended were very positive about the experience, some of the comments were as follows:

Lovely problem solving approach.

Very enjoyable, but tricky!

Great activities. Made maths look fun.

Nice session. Thanks for the hard work.

It was brilliant. I hope we can do it again. Thanks.

Year 4 also shared some feedback with how they felt about the Puzzle Cafe;

It is fun having parents come and all of the puzzles were fun.

It was very difficult to answer this one puzzle.  Me and Mrs. Merriot spent about 10 minutes to try and solve it, but we solved it in the end.

It was lots of fun, some were easy, some were hard and we got to do it with our parents.

The Puzzle Cafe was fun but hard because they were things that I did not know.

Year 5 and Year 6 Puzzle Cafe – 22.11.16

This is the first of a series of opportunities for Parents to work with their children and explore some Mathematics.   This cafe offered opportunities for the children to engage in some problem solving and for parents to join in.

Problem Solving is an important skill across the curriculum, and is one of the three main aims, identified by the government for developing mathematics. As adults we need to use many of the skills that problem solving develop in our daily life and at St Mary and St Peter’s we see it as an important skill to develop in helping the children work towards becoming an independent learner.

img_4372 img_4373 img_4374 img_4375 img_4376 img_4377 img_4378 img_4379 img_4382 img_4383 img_4386 img_4387

The parents who attended were very positive about the experience, some of the comments were as follows:

It is good to know what children are learning and enjoying.

Brilliant idea, but definitely more time needed.  Look forward to the next one!

Brilliant activities, made maths FUN.

Definitely a good laugh. Loved it!


In Deep – Holt Hall Residential 10  – 12.2.16

Inspirational Maths Week w/b 4.1.16

We had a week of inspirational Maths where we thought about How are attitude to learning helped us to tackle maths problems. attitudes like not giving up, trying a different way, using different equipment and knowing that we will be able to solve the problem eventually.

Here is some of the work we produced as a result of our learning.

image image image image image image

Year One Stay and Play – 1.12.15

Year One took part in a Christmas Numicon stay and play.  Thank you for all the parents who joined us.  Here are some of the comments made about the afternoon:

“Another great stay and play afternoon.”

“Thank you for this afternoon, it was good to see how numicon helps my child with maths.”


Reception Stay and Play -12.11.15

Another great Stay and Play event.  Thank you to all the parents who came to join in our number fun.  You have not missed the opportunity to purchase a Numicon set, if you would like one please let us know, as we have a few sets left. Here are some of the comments that parents made about the event:

“Great Stay and Play session. Very interested to find out about Numicon. I’m sure it will greatly help with maths.”

“It has been a pleasure spending time with my son seeing what he is doing in school. Many thanks for making this opportunity happen.”

“Very good stay and play, lots of learning activities using Numicon.”

“Really enjoyed today. Have learnt a lot myself and new was to help my son learn his numbers.”

“…Enables learning methods within the class to be extended to home.”


Nursery Stay and Play – 3.11.15

We had lots of fun in Nursery singing number songs and using the Numicon with our families.

Comments from the morning included

“Had a fun time, especially the number hunt.”

“Had a great time really enjoyed that they are learning as well as playing.”

“A great way to spend a morning.”

Maths is fun this document is an explanation of what Numicon is and how it can be used at home with your EYFS child.




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