St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Yr 1 Photos

W/C 23rd May 2022

On Wednesday, Year 1 visited Africa Alive with Reception class and Year 2. We saw so many different African animals. The lions, rhinos and giraffes were our favourites!


W/C 16th May 2022

On Thursday Year 1 went to the beach to create some sketch maps of the coast. We were incredibly unlucky with the weather but the children insisted that we carried on regardless. We are so proud of how they behaved and the beautiful maps they produced.


W/C 9th May 2022

For our deeper thinking question in Science this week we created some animal riddles using some of the new vocabulary we have learnt. We will be using our riddles in our retrieval session at the beginning of next week's lesson.

In our English lessons we have been learning the beginning of our Tiddler fable ready to innovate in next week's lessons.


W/C 2nd May 2022

In Computing this week we have been using directional buttons to move online Beebots around a map. We worked in pairs to create simple algorithms .


W/C 25th April 2022

In Art we have been experimenting with poster paints. We have been investigating how to make the paints darker, lighter, thicker and thinner by adding different amounts of water. We also used the 'artists rag' technique to keep our brushes clean and our paints unmixed.


W/C 18th April 2022

Year 1 have just begun their new Science topic - 'Animals including humans'. Here we are collecting data about the most popular pet in the class. We found out that cats are the most popular!


W/C 28th March 2022

Year 1 have been creating their own target games for others in the class to enjoy in PE.
In PSHE we have been learning about growth mindset and how learning things takes practice. Here are some photos of us practising our juggling skills.


Thursday 4th March 2022 - World Book Day

We had a visit from Steve Day an author to celebrate World Book Day with us.  The children dressed up and took part in a workshop with the author.

Year 6 and Year 1 reading together on World Book Day. Both classes really enjoyed it and they have asked to do it again.


Yr 1 Raffle - Promoting children having school meals

Michal, Auguste and Iwin won our class raffle and loved their prizes.





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