St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Teaching Staff

Executive Headteacher – Mrs P. Crane

Head of School – Mrs J. Block

Reception Teacher – Mrs K. Ricketts

Year 1 Teacher – Miss S. Bull

Year 2 Teacher – Mr L. Rebecca

Year 3 Teacher – Miss A. Nobes

Year 4 Teachers – Miss S. Ellcome

Year 5 Teachers  – Miss D. Melton

Year 6 Teacher – Miss S. Cullum

SEND Leader – Mrs M. Unstead

HUB Leader – Mrs V. Short

Music Teachers – 

NCC Music Hub – Class Music Lessons, Yr 6 After School Trumpet Club & Music tuition paid by parents

Mr M. Hardy – Music for Mass, Keyboard/Piano Lessons and After School Choir Club





Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Head of School:
Mrs Jade Block

Mrs Michelle Unstead

01493 445 117



East Anglian Way
Great Yarmouth,
NR31 6QY