St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Children’s Welfare and Safeguarding

Safeguarding all children in our care is our highest priority.

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All of our staff are highly trained.  We are complemented by staff in a number of different roles who help us to ensure that our children fully are safeguarded and get the best personal development support they can.  We work in close alignment with local strategies and systems to safeguard the welfare and well-being of all children.

Getting Help

We have several trained members on our safeguarding team. You can contact anyone of them if you have a concern about the safety or welfare of a child or member of staff. Please see our poster below.

Safeguarding Poster

If you would like some guidance or want to know more about ways you can talk to school about something, click on this link for more information:

I have something I would like to discuss with the school

Thrive Approach - A Time to Thrive

The 'Thrive Approach' has been adopted by the school because we are fully committed to and believe that the aims of this programme are in line with those that we have within our school community:

" The Thrive team believes that:

  • Emotional health and wellbeing can be promoted in all settings for all children.
  • The adult - child relationship is key.
  • Emotional health and wellbeing are connected directly to a child's emotional development, which in turn affects their behaviour and their access to (and progress in) learning and relating.
  • Child care workers in Early Years settings can plan and put in place the best possible provision for little ones as they grow at the 'right time' so that more reparative work is not so necessary later on in the child's life.
  • Teachers and other adults who work with children need strategies to prevent behavioural problems and to meet the developmental needs of young people as learners.
  • The teacher/learner relationship and the curriculum can be used to prevent and to respond to disruptive behaviour. This is both practical and possible in ordinary classrooms in mainstream schools.
  • Short-term expediencies that deal with behavioural problems in an isolated way do not solve the difficulties in the long term, either for the young person, the family, the school or the community. "

We have a group of trained staff who facilitate and manage the whole-school approach to the use of Thrive.  As a result, our children are able to access a range of activities designed specifically for their stage of personal development.

We have two Pastoral Learning Mentors, Miss McGregor and Mrs McNab.   They both work closely with teachers, teaching assistants and the senior leadership team to help ensure a whole-school approach to supporting every child's well-being and personal development.  Mrs McNab and Miss McGregor work with children to provide additional support using the Thrive programme (click on the link for more details).

Every class teacher uses the Thrive programme to help address children's well-being and personal development more collectively.

Operation Encompass

We are subscribed to Norfolk County Council's joint strategy to support families where domestic violence may be affecting them.  The school is provided with notification of domestic incidents that have occurred the previous day.  This enables us to provide timely support to children and their families.

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Support Network

We work closely with many different agencies through the wide ranging elements of our safeguarding work.  We believe that this is vital to ensure that children get the best from us and that we are able to support children and their families in the best ways we can.   We always take every opportunity to work in partnership with families so that together, we can improve outcomes for children.

For more information please read the documents below:

Working together to safeguard children

Keeping children safe in education 2022

Safeguarding Policy October 2022

CMAT Prevent Policy 

Online Safety

Keeping safe online is a vital part of safeguarding the pupils of our School.  We have a useful e-safety page that parents can use to help support the work we do in school in this area and to help teach their children basic online safety at home.

Extremism and Radicalisation

We are committed to supporting staff, parents and pupils in keeping safe in terms of the possible dangers of extremism and radicalisation.   More support and information can be found on our e-safety page.

Our school will work with the school community to 'PREVENT' children from becoming vulnerable to extremism and radicalisation. Follow the hyper-links to find out more.

Head of School:
Mrs A. Goddard

Executive Headteacher:
Mrs H. Armstrong

Mr C. Lambert

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