St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School


At St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School, children’s academic, social and emotional development are at the centre of our learning journey and our mission is to inspire a joy and wonder of learning, through nurturing, supporting and challenging each other, whatever our talents and needs, as we are ‘journeying together in faith’.

Our school values are at the heart of our curriculum and children are motivated to be resilient and reflective learners, who are actively involved in their learning and progress.

We use a range of resources to support our curriculum:

  • The new Primary National Curriculum 2014;
  • the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework ;
  • The Diocese of East Anglia’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education;
  • The national curriculum for computing is supported by ‘Espresso’.
  • The national curriculum for PE is supported by ‘Real PE.’
  • The national curriculum for Music is supported by ‘Charanga.’

Our School Curriculum Maps plot the content covered from Nursery to Year Six for each individual year group and each curriculum area.  This is broken down carefully and opportunities to promote deep-rooted, secure learning are woven throughout.  It enables us to ensure balance and progression across the school and to identify cross curricular links and opportunities for educational visits.

For English and Mathematics we use the planning provided by the National Curriculum Programme of Study for each subject, although we alter sections in order to meet the needs of our own children.

The principles for the design of our curriculum are rooted in the work of Brian Male’s curriculum design for the twenty-first century: 

  • Inspire and challenge all learners, equip them with the confidence, the ability and desire to make the world a better place
  • Be based on clear, shared aims, principles and values that put the learner at their heart  (our mission, vision and values)
  • Excite imaginations and give learners access to the world’s major areas of learning
  • Promote personal development and the key competencies of learning and life
  • Be located in the context of the learner’s life, and emphasise the interconnectedness of learning
  • Provide for intellectual, physical, emotional, social, scientific, aesthetic and creative development
  • Be international in its outlook, but rooted within its community
  • Address contemporary issues as well as the big ideas that have shaped the world in the past
  • Promote independence of thought and creativity of mind through a wide range of learning approaches

(Primary Curriculum Design, Brian Male, 2012

Our school curriculum is planned using a sequences of learning which allow children to experience a theme or topic in greater detail and achieve a deeper level of knowledge, exploration and communication skills through our school learning powers.  We aim to achieve a broad balance of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum as well as provide children with a rich culture of discovery and enquiry through a range of different opportunities beyond the National Curriculum to develop children as enthusiastic, inquisitive and independent learners and thinkers.

Curriculum Maps

Whole school curriculum overview

Art Curriculum Progression

Computing Curriculum Progression

DT Curriculum Progression

Geography Curiculum Progression

History Curriculum Progression

Music Curriculum Progression

PE Curriculum Progression

Science Curriculum Progression

Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Head of School:
Mrs Jade Block

Mrs Michelle Unstead

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