St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Year Four

23.1.19 Togetherness Maths Cafe

We had a great afternoon exploring mathematical learning with our parents and carers.  We shared some of our problem solving strategies and had remained resilient trialing different ways to solve some tricky problems.  Here is some of the feedback from the session.

Very nice, hope we do it again.

Great Fun!! My child really enjoyed it. Look forward to the next one.

Puzzle Cafe was great fun using different ways of solving problems.  Thank you.

Fun Experience to share with our child. Would definitely like to come again. Thank you.

Brilliant Maths Cafe Lots of preparation

I had a lovely afternoon working with my child and their friend. seeing how they work out problems and work together.

Really enjoyed spending time with the kids and seeing them able to work so well together

It was really very good. I would like/wish these kind of sessions happens often.. Really appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Really enjoyed getting involved with the children. It actually helped refresh my brain too!

Lovely to see just how much the children know, lovely atmosphere!

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Christmas Performance

Togetherness Cafe 21.11.18

At today’s Togetherness Café we shared our learning about ‘Gobbolino the witch’s cat’  To start a few children preformed monologues based on their learning so far.  All the children then explained the story so far to our adults.   We learnt how to make a  simple booklet.  We use the booklet to work on writing chapter 4 with the support of our adults.  Thank you for all the parents and carers who came along.  Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Here are some of the parent and carers comments:-

Really enjoyed today, so much better in the hall as more space and I love that I get to spend one to one time with my child. thank you.

Nice spacious environment to learn.

It was a brilliant example of “shared learning” and I enjoyed it seeing what the children are working on. Learning is a joint venture and interaction is good for all.

Much nicer in the hall than the classroom. Interesting seeing what the children are learning about. Thank you.

Lovely afternoon! What a great idea to share with the parents their learning. Thank you so much.

Lots better having the hall space. It was nice to see what the children have been doing in class and having the opportunity to help.

I have really enjoyed this afternoon. It was lovely to see what the children are working on in class. It would be nice to have more of these days.

It’s very impressive to be able to see their learning journey.  very well prepared.  Love the children reading their monologue.  We enjoyed it.


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Variety Show Photographs 13.7.18

Our Pentecost Trip

Jamie: I learnt that Pentecost is everyone’s birthday and that the Holy Spirit gives us fruits and gifts. I got goodness which is a fruit. At St. Francis we learned that Jesus created the Holy Spirit so we could all share it and keep it safe. He also gave it to us so we could be happy and spread happiness by doing good things.
Luka: I learn that when you are baptised it is another birthday for you. Also everyone in the world is your brother or sister. I also learnt that self-control, love, joy, goodness and faithfulness are all fruits, not gifts. I learnt that if you ask God to do something he will do it for you if you pray and believe in yourself.
Maya: I have learnt that God can send signs and he can help you make tough decisions by using those signs. I have also learnt that Sunday 20th May was the church’s birthday and our small celebration birthday, only if we are baptised because if we are baptised then we are part of the church. I have learnt that there are fruits and gifts that Jesus, God and the holy spirit gave us. The holy spirit is God because he is the spirit in all of the fruits and gifts in us, so the holy spirit is part of Gods spirit and he loves us all and helps us always.​

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