St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Learning Support

We are extremely proud of the way in which we support every child in our school.  We personalise learning to children’s individual needs and part of this process includes ensuring that we are aware of and meeting every child’s personal and social needs.  Our school team of staff includes a variety of roles who help us to ensure that we can support every child.

Class Teachers

Your child’s class teacher will be most closely concerned with your child’s welfare and development, providing support and encouragement and, where necessary, dealing with any problems.  At St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School we expect all teachers to have an approach with their class that ensures they have established positive relationships with every child and that these are rooted in mutual respect.

Special Educational Needs Leader (SENCO)

Our SEND Leader, Mrs Unstead, supports children, their families and our school staff to ensure that when a child’s additional needs require more specific targeting or expertise, these are well-supported and managed.  We have an active role within our Cluster SENCO team and work together to ensure that our provision for all children is the best it can be.

Pastoral Learning Mentors

We have on the staff of the school two Pastoral Learning Mentors whose roles are to support children with their social and emotional development.  We believe that when children’s social and emotional development is causing barriers to their learning and progress, we must work together swiftly to offer them the right support.  We use the Thrive Approach to offer this support: in whole class sessions, group sessions and individual sessions if needed. Children can access the support of the Pastoral Learning Mentors through being referred by a member of staff, begin referred by their parent or carer or by referring themselves.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

The SLT is made of the school’s senior leaders including the Head Teacher.  There are many activities that are carried out by the SLT.   Intrinsic to these activities is the promotion of the ‘whole child’, with a comittment demanded and expected of all staff that pupil welfare will always have the highest of priorities.

Other agencies

We are also able to call upon a wide range of other help, for example from our Priests, School Attendance Officer, Parent Support Advisor, School Nurse, Speech Therapist and the School Psychological Service.  We will always consult you and seek your permission before we do so.  The only exception to this will be where the school has a specific concern about the welfare of a child and feels it necessary to act under the Child Protection Procedures.  In this event, a referral may be made to the Children’s Services Authority.


Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Mrs Michelle Unstead

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