St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Liturgy and Collective Worship

Collective Acts of Worship

Our Liturgy for Collective Worship and Masses is led and managed by a group of staff each with different liturgical responsibilities.  We are assisted by Fr Philip who supports us to develop the Catholicity of the school.





The school has a daily act of Collective Worship for all children.  These vary in group size and can be based in a class, in a small group of classes or as a whole school.

Children at St Mary and St Peter’s are encouraged to join in a lead collective worship in a variety of ways. They make powerpoints for use in assemblies, write prayer, read scripture, dramatise bible stories, play music and discuss their thoughts and ideas.


Each week the focus is based around our school values and is led by different members of our staff.  Children are often invited to participate in these sessions and some group are invited to organise and lead these.

Year5 joins in celebration at Anglican Cathedral
Year5 joins in celebration at Anglican Cathedral

Every week there is a school-led parish Mass held in our hall.  It is open to all parents and parishioners of St Mary’s or St Peter’s churches.  We have a cycle of Mass focus groups so that each week a different class or pair of classes leads the Mass.

You would be most welcome to join us, please see the school newsletter or parish newsletter for more details.

Alongside weekly celebrations of Mass we have focus weeks that give the children opportunities to explore other Liturgies.  For Example In October and May we have Rosary weeks.  During a Rosary week children have a daily opportunity to join in with a decade of the Rosary.

October-Rosary Week
October-Rosary Week

We have a spiritual garden within the school grounds offering pupils and staff a quiet place to go for reflection and prayer.

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