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Open the Book

In Key Stage One we are fortunate to be able to enjoy Open the Book assemblies. A dedicated team of volunteers from St. Peter’s Church come in monthly to support our liturgy, use drama, mime, props, costume and the children  themselves to present the Bible stories in lively and informative ways.

We shared the Epiphany story and heard about the wise men came to visit Jesus. We learnt that they were Balthasar of Arabia, Melchior of Persia, and Caspar of India.  We decided that Jesus must have been a very special baby to have been visited by them.

The boys who said NO! Today we heard the story of Daniel and his friends and how they said no to the King, when he asked them to do something that was against God’s rules.

Jonah and the Whale Reception and KS1 enjoyed listening to the story of “Jonah the moaner”  We joined in the ‘Oh no!’ whenever things in the story went wrong for Jonah.


Doubting Thomas – KS 1 continue to enjoy regular visits from the Open the Book team.  This week we enjoyed exploring the story of Doubting Thomas and how Jesus appeared to the Disciples after he has died on Good Friday.  the children had lots of great questions about the story.

Epiphany and Open the Book – On Tuesday the 5th of January the Open the Book team worked with some pupils from both Year 2 and 5 to dramatize the Epiphany story.  They then presented the story to the whole school.  It enabled us all to think of the importance of the visit of the Kings to the Nativity story.

Epiphany Prayer

God of wonder, help us to have as much faith as the wise men who followed your star to find Jesus. Lead us down the right paths and help us to recognise Jesus in the people that we meet as we travel through life. Amen.

Pentecost and Open the Book – On Tuesday 10th May the Open the Book team worked with children from Key Stage 2 to bring the story of Pentecost to life. They focused on the gifts of love, joy and peace that were sent by the Holy Spirit and how people all spread the Good News all over the world.

photo 4 ending    otb team

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