St Mary and St Peter Catholic Primary School

Dioscesan Inspection

St Mary’s School is a good Catholic school with many outstanding features. The extremely strong Catholic identity permeates the school’s daily life.

The committed leadership of the Headteacher and Deputy is instrumental in inspiring a strong spiritual purpose throughout the school. This effectively promotes the pupils’ personal development and faith awareness which reflects in their good behaviour and positive attitudes.

Relationships within the school are good and reflect Christian love and concern for others. Pupils say “ We all have respect for each other here”. Prayer and worship are of pivotal importance in the school’s life. Religious Education (RE) has a high profile and all staff are committed to improving their skills through training opportunities. The school’s capacity to go on improving is extremely good.  The headteacher, governors and deputy head have a good overall view of the school’s strengths and are putting appropriate plans into action to further develop many areas relating to RE and the school’s Catholic life.

Please read the full report below:

St Mary’s S48 Report

We have had an interim monitoring visit from the Diocesan Inspection Team.  The report can be found here:

Report for St Mary and St Peter 8th February 2016

Executive Headteacher:
Mrs Priscilla Crane

Head of School:
Mrs Jade Block

Mrs Michelle Unstead

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Great Yarmouth,
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